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Sweet Enuf

Sweet Enuf sells small batch, gourmet cookies and offers numerous free must have baking recipes.


Marie Scholz
Will Hoff


Web Design

The challenge

Linda had previously set up her website to highlight her recipes, that would then hopefully lead to order inquiries. Unfortunately, the blog posts weren’t generating leads like she had hoped so we focused on designing a user-friendly website that highlighted her recipe blogs and gave visitors the ease of placing gourmet cookie orders.

Sweet Enuf was using a generic WordPress blog, which wasn’t bringing in the expected visitors and leads to the business.

Sweet Enuf partnered with Waves Digital to enhance their website design and digital experience, and settled on a 5-Day Dream Website.

Time Management

As a part of the 5-Day Dream Website, we had 5 days to create a new design and transform her old blog into a dynamic website.

Switching Platforms

Two very different platforms (WordPress.com & WordPress Builder), owned by the same company makes blog building very confusing. As a beginner blogger we tend to go for the least risky option, a free wordpress.com site. As time goes on many people want to switch to the paid wordpress builder. Waves Digital helped Linda smoothly transition her blog to the new builder. 

Market Research

We researched trends and other designs found in the cookie decorating community and applied our findings to her website layout, branding and pricing. We turned our findings into this website, branded stickers and business cards for a perfect branding kit. 

Team Management

Our team worked closely with Linda to ensure her brand was being represented how she wanted. 

Our Solution

A User Experience Design

We found that users that are looking at cookie recipes or to order are looking for a friendly, approachable website that they can spend a significant amount of time browsing. High-quality pictures and high-quality recipes are a part of the experience that could not be overlooked. 

Brand Stability

Sweetenuf had absolutely no branding before we stepped in. This was essentially Linda’s debut to the world of business. She was intent on seeing her cookie business succeed financially. She wanted the fonts, colours and navigation to be simple, smooth, feminine and timeless and we brought her dream to life.

Now everyone can have a taste of the Sweetenuf Experience!



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