RPG Real Estate offers over a decade of experience in real estate and appraisal consulting services in the GTA.


Will Hoff
Eric Lamoureux


Web Design

The challenge

RPG Real Estate came to us with an outdated website that was adding no value to their brand. RPG already had a great reputation from client to client so we were challenged to build a brand from scratch that would also build reputation online.

RPG’s website wasn’t bringing in the leads or customers to the business. It was a two page static website with no user experience elements. 

RPG contracted Waves Digital to build a brand new website and branding kit so that all consultants would have refreshed business cards and maintain visual continuity across all communications.

Time Management

As a part of the 5-Day Dream Website, we had 5 days to create a new design and build his dream website.

User Testing

We tested our design with his target audience on the usability and user experience that our layout provides.

Team Management

Our team worked closely with Guss and Lyndyn from RPG to ensure the brand was being represented exactly how they wanted.

Hosting and Domain Transfer

Generally, with outdated websites come outdated designers and web designers are notoriously slow to begin with. Waves Digital was persistent in communication with the previous designers to get all assets transferred as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Solution

A Flawless User Experience Design

We found that users who are looking for an appraiser or simply to purchase real estate are looking for a simple design that is easy to navigate and that represents the area and types of homes they’re searching for. The larger the purchase, the better the experience generally needs to be. 

Brand Establishment

RPG had very little to work with in terms of branded assets so we had creative freedom from the get-go. Colours, fonts, the logo and textures were all chosen by the Waves team before the website design. As you’ll see from the end result we wove all of the branding materials into the user experience.

Web & Mobile Development

As more and more people move to online experiences, mobile traffic accounts for over 50% of all website visits. We optimized RPG’s website for mobile knowing that most viewers will be searching for local real estate agents and appraisers on their smartphones.

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