Rob Friday is a Talent Optimization specialist, Author and Predictive Index® Certified Partner.


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The challenge

Rob Friday is a Predictive Index® Certified Partner, however he had a sub-par personal website and was looking to improve his personal brand ahead of the launch of his book, Talent Optimizer.

Rob Friday had a pretty basic Weebly branded website, which didn’t have much content and wasn’t optimized for a smooth user experience.

Rob partnered with Waves Digital to grow his personal brand and upgrade his website experience ahead of the launch of his book.

Time Management

As a part of the Waves Dream Website experience, we completed his website with a fresh re-design in 5 days.


With the launch of Rob’s new book, we knew that creating excitement was a key factor into a successful launch. We began promoting on social and contacted podcasts where Rob would be able to advertise his book.


We re-designed the website on Weebly so that Rob would be familiar with the web builder going forward. We, however, utilized a custom design and plug-ins to give the website a professional feel.

Working Together

Our team worked closely with Rob to create and approve content for his socials and continue to grow his brand.

Our Solution

A Smooth User Experience Design

When building a personal brand, anything other than a smooth design does a disservice to the brand. We made sure the experience was as smooth as possible and the content was easily accessible.

Brand Growth

In order to grow his brand, we began to build his twitter following and have daily activity. In addition to social media growth, we reached out to popular podcasts in the industry to allow Rob to promote his book launch. The final part of our plan was the website refresh, which adds new content and makes the navigation simpler for the user.

Web & Mobile Development

As more and more people move to online experiences, mobile traffic accounts for over 50% of all website visits. We know Rob’s clients will be visiting via mobile one time or another, and it was important for us to showcase the brand seamlessly, regardless of if customers are viewing from their phones, tablets or desktops.

rob friday’s book: talent optimizer, was the #1 bestseller on amazon

by The numbers

Rob Friday’s partnership with Waves Digital Canada resulted in a successful book launch and a fresh website redesign.



best selling book

happy client

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