Today, the Internet is recognized as one of the best platforms to capture a large following and increase customer base. Regardless of whether you have been in business for a long time or recently joined the business world, you will benefit from e-commerce sales. More than ever, having an online presence is so important to get your company’s name known, so using online channels for sales is crucial if you want to generate significant returns.

That said, selling online is much easier said than done, and with tons of other businesses doing the same thing, the competition is undeniably tough. Increasing sales online requires more than having a well-designed website for your e-commerce store as you also have to employ proper strategies to get your desired results. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can boost your e-commerce sales. It comes with a challenge, but this does not mean that it is impossible, nor does it mean that you have to go through painstaking lengths!

Use Customer Testimonials

Building trust with your consumers is important to boosting customer loyalty, and one way you can do this is by displaying testimonials on your site. Testimonials and online reviews serve as “social proof” that your company offers quality products and services. These are so influential that nearly 95% of online shoppers start by looking at reviews before deciding to purchase a product. 

Try to reach out to some of your loyal customers, ask for a testimonial, and then place them on your website’s landing pages. With testimonials, customers are not limited to speaking about a specific product as they talk about your company’s brand. Make sure to include the name and photo of whoever wrote the testimonial, provided that you got permission. Doing so can create an even bigger impact as readers are more likely to trust in the words of a testimonial if they can identify the writer as a real person.

Improve Customer Service

Now that technology and automation are rampant, you can utilize chatbots and other engagement tools to improve your customer service. In the world of e-commerce, customer service will be one of your best marketing assets since shoppers are always looking for brands that can cater to their concerns. If possible, set up a live chat option that allows your agents to talk to customers directly, so they can answer questions immediately and without delay.

Retarget Visitors

Many times, users may visit your site or click an ad to your site but do not necessarily convert into customers. This group of people presents a massive opportunity for you as you can leverage on this by retargeting them. Through analytics, you can track your site visitors and see who made a purchase and who did not. With this information, you can then work on targeting your ads towards these people. 

You can even incorporate psychological marketing strategies, such as the scarcity principle, by offering these users a limited-time discount if they clicked on your social media ad. In other cases, users may leave after adding an item to their cart, so you can retarget them by offering a small discount if they finish their purchase. Overall, the goal is to increase your exposure as much as possible. It is a known fact that customers will not always buy the first time, or maybe even the second time, but the more visible you are, the higher the chances that a customer will purchase.

Accept Many Payment Options

Now that online selling has become a norm, it is important that you accept different payment options to accommodate many customers. If you tie yourself down to accepting, say, Visa or MasterCard, then you lose out on potential sales from customers using debit cards or merchants like PayPal. The last thing you want is an interested customer who is ready to check out, only to find that his or her preferred payment option is not available. 

Optimize for Mobile

Among the many people who shop online, a large chunk of them use their mobile devices. After all, browsing through products on your phone is extremely convenient. As such, you must ensure that your website design is optimized and responsive to mobile. You may have the best interface and user experience on desktop, but if you cannot deliver the same to mobile devices, then you miss out on a huge opportunity for sales. Thus, make sure you test out your design on different devices to ensure that you provide the same user-friendly interface on all of them.

Offer Promotions

Holiday seasons are the best time to offer promotions as they are the peak times when customers shop for items. Capitalize on the fact that many people look at online stores during this time since malls tend to be crowded. Give out some of your best offers, such as flash sales or massive discount codes, to get as many sales as possible within that time frame.