Instagram has added a new feature! Instagram Reels act as a response to the recent success of the popular app, TikTok. Operating the same way, they are easily digestible pieces of content that can be watched at a quick pace. With the launch of a new feature, the perfect response is “how can we use this to benefit our business?”. No need to worry! We here at Waves Digital will break down Instagram Reels, including how to make them, and we’ll help give you ideas on how to implement this new aspect into your current social media ecosystem.

So… Why does this new feature exist? Well, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook has made many different moves in the past to replicate competitors’ most successful features. The introduction of IGTV was a response to YouTube’s success. And Instagram stories as a whole are something that was copied from Snapchat. Facebook has been known to do moves like this in the past, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d do it again! Even though it is a clone concept, that doesn’t mean it won’t succeed. Instagram stories have become such a staple to the platform, causing the original Snapchat stories feature to become far more obsolete. Instagram has had success with this in the past, and if they deal the cards right, this feature will also become a main feature on the platform.

These videos are very easily created, and can be made in the same way stories are, by clicking on your profile on the top right corner of the main screen. The concept is slightly different from TikTok, as it limits the videos to 15 seconds, rather than the 1 minute limit on the popular app. This small time period is all you have to make your marketing stand out. This is much closer to the old Twitter-owned application, Vine, which kept videos to a 7-second limit.

So, as a marketing agency, how could we use this app? Well, for creatives, you can create a sped-up design process! Record your work on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and speed it up to fit the 15 second time limit. If your business isn’t on the creative team, you could do quick 15 second dances or fun workplace showcases that can overall add more personality to your team as a whole! The content created can also be posted on similar platforms such as TikTok and Twitter, where bite-sized content is easily digested!

Overall, this new feature is likely here to stay, and there are tons of different ways it can be implemented! While it’s still fresh in the minds of consumers, now is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on the concept, who knows, it might be what you need to put your business on the map!

Instagram’s official announcement “https://about.instagram.com/blog/announcements/introducing-instagram-reels-announcement/”