Summer is here, and that means cold drinks, camping trips, and hot weather. But what’s a good summer without the right place to stay? We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 5 unique listings in Canada that can complete your vibe for these hot months! 

The first on our list is this gorgeous beachfront property in Gimli, Manitoba. This gorgeous property at 42 Merlin S is listed at $1,000,000 and features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. With all that space, it’s the ideal spot for small gatherings this summer, and large gatherings down the line. For the artsy type buyers, this location also features a private art studio! So what makes this spot perfect for summer? Well, that would be the direct waterfront access, and jacuzzi overlooking the water. This spot is destined for lovers of water sports, and hot weather enthusiasts. See it here!

Next up on the list of properties is another gorgeous Manitoba property, however, this one uses a more modern design, perfect for those who may be used to urban environments. The property at 129 Autumnview Drive is currently listed at $1,050,000 and features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This smart-style home is a perfect party spot thanks to it’s built-in IPad controlled-stereo system & Basement game room! This property also has many windows that offer a panoramic view of the lake! See it here!

The third property on this list is located in Kamloops, British Columbia, and offers a unique look that can’t be seen on any other properties on this list! Featuring a whopping 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, this is the perfect spot for big families who like to party! Currently, the house is listed at $1,020,000 and is a steal for the price! Though this property isn’t as updated as others on this list, for the space you get, it is totally worth every penny. The lot is located at 1979 Tranquille Road! The open concept of the kitchen, dining, and living room make it the perfect venue for your next big event! The property also comes with a massive backyard, to help with all your entertaining needs! See it here!

Fourth on this list of amazing summer homes is a country-style property located in Smithers, British Columbia! This property may only have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but it makes up for it with atmosphere. This property, which is located at 4679 Tyhee Lake Road, is currently listed at $1,190,000. This special lot gives you access to 30 Acres of lakefront living in a secluded little area. This spot is perfect for those who like a private and quiet spot. More interested in parties? No worries! The massive backyard is perfect to have all of your friends over to enjoy some drinks. See it here!

Last, but certainly, not least is a gorgeous property located in Birch Cove, Alberta! Though a Canadian property, there’s no doubt this design looks like it would match perfectly in Beverly Hills!  Currently listed at $1,200,000, this property features 2+3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms! What makes this the perfect summer home? Well, the large family room, bar, and sauna of course! This house is a perfect way to help get Still gotta work in the summer? Not a problem with this property, as it features an amazing office to help you be productive! See it here!

Hopefully one of these properties is exactly what you need for all your hot weather adventures, or maybe you’re just like me and would much rather just window shop and dream that works too! Hey, While you’re here, check out the rest of our website to see some amazing web design, graphic design, or more blogs!