It is no secret that mobile has taken over as the dominant channel used by billions of people from all over the world. Whether it be to surf the net, look at social media, or search for products and services, the majority of users rely on their mobile devices to perform these key activities today. As a result, it is more important than ever for businesses to take steps to boost their mobile conversion rates.

Optimizing your website to suit mobile devices is a necessity if you want to capitalize on your mobile audience. You may have a stunning web design and interface that works seamlessly on the desktop computer, but if this does not translate to the mobile version of the site, then you can potentially lose several sales opportunities. Below, you will find some of the ways in which you can increase your mobile conversion rates to reach a broader audience.

Speed Up Your Site

Mobile users want quick results, so much that 53% of visitors will leave a webpage if it does not load within three seconds. Before you work on anything else, start by making sure your site loads quickly and correctly on mobile devices. Even if you have your content, layout, and interface nailed down, users will not be able to see this if they leave your page due to the slow loading time. Users may also decide not to click your site again in the future if they know that it takes long to load, so speed can have a significant impact on your mobile campaign.

To improve your webpage speed, compress your images since heavy graphics can significantly cause lags and delays in loading. Remove unnecessary elements that can contribute to the speed, but do not neglect the user experience. 

Use Eye-catching Images

Images are crucial in e-commerce sites as these can draw the attention of customers and possibly influence their purchase decision. If you are an online clothes store, for example, then it will help to have people model the clothes in the images as photos with real people are said to be more persuasive than those without. Make sure you use high-quality images that feature your product, but do not forget to compress them so as not to affect your page’s loading speed. 

Create Scarcity or Urgency

Mobile users are frequent shoppers of e-commerce sites, so using urgency and scarcity in marketing your products can speed up their purchase decision. Scarcity involves limiting the quantity available for specific products, whereas urgency involves limiting the time in which users can purchase them. You can include the words “Limited Offer,” “Last Item,” or something similar to trigger such reactions. Using these strategies can cause users to feel as though they have to purchase now in order not to miss out on an excellent opportunity.

Improve Mobile Usability

You have to make sure your site is easy to use. You can improve usability in several ways, and one of these is to create a simple site layout that is easy to follow. If you put too many elements on every landing page, users can get frustrated trying to navigate through the site. Similarly, clutter can also cause them to tap on the wrong thing due to the proximity of links. Good usability also means that users should be able to recover from errors easily and go back to where they left off the site if they decide to take a break.

Overall, the goal is to improve the user experience, so make sure you test your site’s mobile usability before launching it. See to it that your website is well-designed, and it is easy to find the essential elements. Another thing you can do is boost search functionality with things like autocomplete and filtering options. These can reduce the time it takes for users to search and potentially increase conversions.


Personalization has vast potential to increase your revenues since users value this feature and respond better to it. For example, you can offer product recommendations to users based on their search history to show them things that they may not have seen yet. Similarly, you can greet them with their name the next time they visit your site. These things may seem like small touches, but they can still impact the user experience.

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