If you work in marketing or are familiar with the field, then search engine optimization (SEO) is a household name that you have likely heard multiple times now. SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques utilized today to increase a company’s online visibility, boost its search rank, and optimize its webpage for better organic traffic. It is an extremely valuable tool that can lead to huge returns and profits if coupled with the right strategy and knowledge.

Though SEO comes with a ton of promising premises, it can be a significant change for companies that are used to traditional marketing methods and can come with high costs due to the technologies and expertise needed. If you have tried pitching SEO to your boss but got rejected, it is likely due to the skepticism surrounding the idea. There can also be the notion that the company has been performing well without the help of SEO, rendering the strategy an unnecessary addition.

It can be extremely difficult to convince your boss to utilize SEO in the business, especially since it is a technical topic. However, with the right explanation and approach, you can show how SEO will be a worthwhile investment for the company in the long run.

Use Data and Visuals 

It is not easy trying to explain what SEO is, so a good starting point could be to use visuals that are easy to digest and contain pertinent data. Charts, graphs, and infographics with big numbers, in particular, can be eye-catching for anyone who sees them. These visuals should highlight relevant statistics like the number of people that use search engines, traffic value based on search rank, the frequency with which people search for products or services online.

Look at Competitors

Given how competitive businesses are today, the chances are that your competitors are already utilizing SEO. However, it can be tricky to show this to your boss since SEO results take time to show, so you can try to estimate your competitors’ performance by observing their search traffic. You can find some tools to help you estimate their traffic value as a way to show that SEO can yield results, albeit gradually.

Talk About Cumulative Growth

The thing about SEO is that even though it takes some time to see results initially, it has the potential to lead to cumulative growth. Most marketing efforts usually translate to one-time results that will require expenses every time you launch them. SEO, however, works differently in that you can continue to generate higher ROIs over time without necessarily requiring further investment. Thus, in the long-run, it is an extremely smart strategy that can maximize the company’s ROI.

Another thing you can point out is that while traditional forms of advertising can still be effective today, it is evident that the digital age has made technology an inevitable part of daily life. Thus, incorporating digital marketing strategies like SEO may become a necessity as more people turn to online platforms. Furthermore, SEO in itself still continues to evolve over time, so starting now will be crucial to ensure you do not get left behind.

Have a Solid Plan

Pitching your idea without a solid, well thought out plan can easily backfire since it will not sound convincing, especially if you do not fit it into the context of the company. Before bringing it up, think about specific goals, resources, and tasks that will be needed to execute the SEO strategy. Along with this, include your projected timeline and financial expenses to concretize the plan and provide a realistic expectation. Having this plan ready to present to management will help make your idea sound more feasible and less like an abstract concept.

Talk About Accessibility

Many may shy away from SEO because it sounds complex and requires the use of technical knowledge and resources. While it is true that there may be some technical aspects involved, you can talk about the accessibility of tools today to help with implementation. For example, Google has a tool for keyword research and for implementing schema markup, both of which are extremely useful for SEO. With these free tools, you can show your boss that there are many resources available to execute the strategy.

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